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Name: Entei
Nickname(s): Tei
Age: 500, appears to be mid 20s
Height: 6'10"
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Location: Realm of the Gods
Occupation: Guardian of Fire

Ability: Pressure
Moves: Eruption | Protect | Sunny Day | Calm Mind | Dig

Appearance: Entei stands at 6'10", in the average range for gods, but a foot taller than Raikou. He is very fit, with broad shoulders and defined muscles which he maintains with a daily fitness regimen. His hair is medium-length and fluffy, with a few strands dangling in front of his forehead. It is a deep russet-brown. His narrow eyes are a deep red and his tanned skin seems to always be covered in ash. He has a long, grey tail that seems to be made of smoke. It appears attached to him, but if you were to pet his tail, your hand would go right through it. The tail seems to have no limit to how long it can stretch and sometimes winds its way around his waist. His teeth resemble that of a lion's.
He likes well-fitted clothes in neutral and earthy colors, which he claims are the most comfortable. He may just be showing off; no one is quite sure.

Face claim: [tbd]
Voice claim: [tbd]

Positive traits: Kind | Patient | Easy-going | Flexible | Level-headed
Negative traits: Pushover | Idle | Vain | Vengeful | Guilty

History: Several centuries ago, the legendary beasts reincarnated together. The three were nearly inseparable until the day Raikou died protecting Entei and Suicune from Darcy. While Entei has always been protective over the other 2/3rds of his trio and Ho-Oh, he has only grown more protective over the previous Raikou's death, sometimes accidentally smothering the current Raikou with his guilt-driven attempts to protect her. 

Currently, he acts a mediator between Suicune and Raikou, his level-headed nature balancing out Suicune's volatile mood swings and Raikou's hotheadedness.  Even if the two are difficult to be around at times, he adores them both. 


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