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Nickname: Rai
Age: 275, appears to be in 20s
Height: 5'10"
Gender: Agender | she/her
Sexuality: Pansexual

Location: Realm of the Gods
Occupation: Guardian of Lightning

Ability: Volt Absorb
Moves: Thunder Shock | Rain Dance | Roar | Crunch | Confide

Appearance: Rai is short in comparison to most of the gods, coming in at only 5'10" and barely managing to hit 6' with the assistance of her boots. She is slender, but well toned from daily exercise, mostly consisting of a fun game known as "Piss Suzu off and then run the fuck away." Her hair is black with an abundance of white and grey strands mixed in. Her eyes are a dark red. She has short, black cat-like ears, a long pale blue tail, and large canine teeth. Her teeth continue to grow as she ages; currently they are just big enough that she struggles to keep them in her mouth. 
She has a few more traditional outfits for formal occasions, but prefers to wear loose and comfortable clothing, often inspired by young adult mortals. She has a mix of darker clothing with small pops of color and very flashy, bright outfits.

Face claim: Ellen Page
Voice claim: [tbd]
Hair ref: +10 floof and a lil longer

Positive traits: Loyal | Outgoing | Creative | Generous | Fun-loving
Negative traits: Stubborn | Headstrong | Standoffish | Prankster

History: Several centuries ago, the legendary beasts reincarnated together. The three were nearly inseparable until the day Raikou died protecting Suicune and Entei from Darcy. The soul-eating ghost nearly captured Raikou's soul, but was thwarted at the last moment. Rai was born soon after, the only godling in the nest. While she got along just fine with Ho-Oh and Entei, she felt Suicune's hesitance, leading to a rift between the two that lingers to this day. 

Currently, Rai has only vague memories of how she died, unable to articulate how exactly it happened. She only remembers dying to protect Entei and Suicune, leaving her standing in the shadow of her previous incarnation. Recently, she and Suicune have managed to get closer, mostly due to Entei's mediating skills. The trio occasionally go on vacations to the mortal worlds, where she disguises herself as a Jolteon.


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