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Takuro Ono
Species: Helioptile
Age: 19
Height: 5'7"
Gender: Demiboy
Sexuality: Questioning

Location: Desert
Occupation: Junker

Ability: Sand Veil 
Moves: Parabolic Charge | Surf | Mud-Slap | Charge | Quick Attack

Appearance: Takuro is long and lean, standing at 5'7" with very little muscle definition. What he lacks in brute strength, he makes up in speed and cunning. His black hair is shaggy when left down, reaching his jawline in some places. Often, it is pulled back into a small ponytail, sometimes containing his long, black and yellow ears as well. His skin is darkly tanned from long hours of sun exposure, in contrast to his pale blue eyes. 

His clothing consists of loose and protective, but stylish (in his opinion) clothes. He is known to wear very flashy and bright colors, making him easy to spot in a crowd. He wears a pair of thick, protective goggles near constantly, but it is unknown if he does it out of style or to hide the practically permanent tan line they have given him while being worn for protection. 

Face claim: BamBam
Voice claim: [tbd] 

Positive traits: Self-Sufficient | Resourceful | Charming | Careful
Negative traits: Shrewd | Deceitful | Self-Serving | Pushy | Unreliable 

History: Takuro was born, raised, and then abandoned in the desert region of Unova and he has no plans to leave it. As a child, he learned very quickly that running away was easier than risking damage in a real fight, and that has remained his way of life into the present. At age 15, his parents disappeared, leaving Takuro to assume they had abandoned their only child. He will insist that he doesn't care, doesn't need anyone, but the wound still stings and leaves him at least an arm's length away from even his closest contacts. For this reason, he is quick to drop anyone at a moment's notice, only sticking around if he feels he owes someone something.

Playlist: YouTube [WIP] [it's all trash]


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