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[someday there will be artwork here]

Name: Brody Kerr
Nickname(s): n/a
Species: Flareon [shiny]
Age: 27
Height: 5'8"
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Ability: Guts
Moves: Helping Hand | Quick Attack | Fire Fang | Ember | Substitute 


Brody stands at 5'8" with broad shoulders and a well-cared for body. He is not fond of standard work outs, but he enjoys nutrition and casual sports, helping keep him in shape. Years of manual labor have also helped him to build muscle. His short hair is cream colored and well maintained via frequent trims and high quality styling products. He also has a large, fluffy tail in the same color. His furred ears are a light, golden brown and pointed. His feet are also furred and similar to that of a canine, though he hides them with specially fitted sneakers and boots.

He enjoys a mix of sturdy, work appropriate clothing and more casual, sporty styles for weekends and evenings. 

Face claim:
Andrew Garfield
Voice claim: [tbd]

Positive traits: Easy-going | Friendly | Team Player | Hardworking 
Negative traits: Holds Grudges | Hardheaded | Worrier

Brody was born the shiny half of a pair of Eevee twins. Though his father clearly preferred his normal colored sister, his mother was happy to have a son, even if his silver colored damned him to a life of being treated differently. However, only a month into their short lives, his sister passed on. His father blamed Brody and left his wife to raise him herself. She never told her son this, not wanting to burden him with a guilt that didn't belong to him. 

Despite his coloring, Brody had a stable and normal childhood, learning the value of hard work as he helped his mother with household chores during his breaks from home schooling. Eventually, he met his best friend Andy, later going on to date and marry her.

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[someday there will be artwork here]

Nickname(s): Toby
Species: Typhlosion
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual

Location: Coastal Territory
Occupation: Freelance journalist/blogger

Ability: Blaze
Moves: Flamethrower | Quick Attack | Will-O-Wisp | Swagger | Sunny Day

Appearance: Tobias is rather short at only 5'6". He stands tall and proud, walking down the streets with a heavy dose of "swag." His hair is short and a dark teal-blue color, sticking out at all angles in a disheveled look that he works hard on every morning. His ears are small and pointed and sit at the top of his head, identical in color to his hair. His eyes are bright orange-red.

He prefers a casual, but stylish look, keeping a close eye on the fashion trends of the coastal territory. However, he has been known to emit heat when angry, causing him to occasionally burn holes through his clothing. It is a rare occurrence, but he has tried to pull the look off anyway.

Face claim: PJ Liguori
Voice claim: [tbd]

Positive traits: Generous | Extrovert | Loyal | Fun-loving | Affectionate
Negative traits: Vain | Flirty | Pushy | Bragger | Biased

History: Immediately after birth, Tobias was put up for adoption. He remained in the foster program until his 18th birthday, having no idea who his parents were aside from the knowledge they were both Typhlosion. No reason was given for his abandonment. As soon as he was able, he picked up a job, happy to have a source of stability, though brief. In his free time, he taught himself how to write effectively, quickly starting a hobby blog.  Though it took some time, he eventually built up enough of a following to make money off of his hobby, now happily blogging the day away. He often does freelance journalism on the side. 

Playlist: [wip]
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[someday there will be artwork here]

Takuro Ono
Species: Helioptile
Age: 19
Height: 5'7"
Gender: Demiboy
Sexuality: Questioning

Location: Desert
Occupation: Junker

Ability: Sand Veil 
Moves: Parabolic Charge | Surf | Mud-Slap | Charge | Quick Attack

Appearance: Takuro is long and lean, standing at 5'7" with very little muscle definition. What he lacks in brute strength, he makes up in speed and cunning. His black hair is shaggy when left down, reaching his jawline in some places. Often, it is pulled back into a small ponytail, sometimes containing his long, black and yellow ears as well. His skin is darkly tanned from long hours of sun exposure, in contrast to his pale blue eyes. 

His clothing consists of loose and protective, but stylish (in his opinion) clothes. He is known to wear very flashy and bright colors, making him easy to spot in a crowd. He wears a pair of thick, protective goggles near constantly, but it is unknown if he does it out of style or to hide the practically permanent tan line they have given him while being worn for protection. 

Face claim: BamBam
Voice claim: [tbd] 

Positive traits: Self-Sufficient | Resourceful | Charming | Careful
Negative traits: Shrewd | Deceitful | Self-Serving | Pushy | Unreliable 

History: Takuro was born, raised, and then abandoned in the desert region of Unova and he has no plans to leave it. As a child, he learned very quickly that running away was easier than risking damage in a real fight, and that has remained his way of life into the present. At age 15, his parents disappeared, leaving Takuro to assume they had abandoned their only child. He will insist that he doesn't care, doesn't need anyone, but the wound still stings and leaves him at least an arm's length away from even his closest contacts. For this reason, he is quick to drop anyone at a moment's notice, only sticking around if he feels he owes someone something.

Playlist: YouTube [WIP] [it's all trash]
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 [someday there will be artwork here]

Name: Entei
Nickname(s): Tei
Age: 500, appears to be mid 20s
Height: 6'10"
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Location: Realm of the Gods
Occupation: Guardian of Fire

Ability: Pressure
Moves: Eruption | Protect | Sunny Day | Calm Mind | Dig

Appearance: Entei stands at 6'10", in the average range for gods, but a foot taller than Raikou. He is very fit, with broad shoulders and defined muscles which he maintains with a daily fitness regimen. His hair is medium-length and fluffy, with a few strands dangling in front of his forehead. It is a deep russet-brown. His narrow eyes are a deep red and his tanned skin seems to always be covered in ash. He has a long, grey tail that seems to be made of smoke. It appears attached to him, but if you were to pet his tail, your hand would go right through it. The tail seems to have no limit to how long it can stretch and sometimes winds its way around his waist. His teeth resemble that of a lion's.
He likes well-fitted clothes in neutral and earthy colors, which he claims are the most comfortable. He may just be showing off; no one is quite sure.

Face claim: [tbd]
Voice claim: [tbd]

Positive traits: Kind | Patient | Easy-going | Flexible | Level-headed
Negative traits: Pushover | Idle | Vain | Vengeful | Guilty

History: Several centuries ago, the legendary beasts reincarnated together. The three were nearly inseparable until the day Raikou died protecting Entei and Suicune from Darcy. While Entei has always been protective over the other 2/3rds of his trio and Ho-Oh, he has only grown more protective over the previous Raikou's death, sometimes accidentally smothering the current Raikou with his guilt-driven attempts to protect her. 

Currently, he acts a mediator between Suicune and Raikou, his level-headed nature balancing out Suicune's volatile mood swings and Raikou's hotheadedness.  Even if the two are difficult to be around at times, he adores them both. 

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[someday there will be artwork here]

Nickname: Rai
Age: 275, appears to be in 20s
Height: 5'10"
Gender: Agender | she/her
Sexuality: Pansexual

Location: Realm of the Gods
Occupation: Guardian of Lightning

Ability: Volt Absorb
Moves: Thunder Shock | Rain Dance | Roar | Crunch | Confide

Appearance: Rai is short in comparison to most of the gods, coming in at only 5'10" and barely managing to hit 6' with the assistance of her boots. She is slender, but well toned from daily exercise, mostly consisting of a fun game known as "Piss Suzu off and then run the fuck away." Her hair is black with an abundance of white and grey strands mixed in. Her eyes are a dark red. She has short, black cat-like ears, a long pale blue tail, and large canine teeth. Her teeth continue to grow as she ages; currently they are just big enough that she struggles to keep them in her mouth. 
She has a few more traditional outfits for formal occasions, but prefers to wear loose and comfortable clothing, often inspired by young adult mortals. She has a mix of darker clothing with small pops of color and very flashy, bright outfits.

Face claim: Ellen Page
Voice claim: [tbd]
Hair ref: +10 floof and a lil longer

Positive traits: Loyal | Outgoing | Creative | Generous | Fun-loving
Negative traits: Stubborn | Headstrong | Standoffish | Prankster

History: Several centuries ago, the legendary beasts reincarnated together. The three were nearly inseparable until the day Raikou died protecting Suicune and Entei from Darcy. The soul-eating ghost nearly captured Raikou's soul, but was thwarted at the last moment. Rai was born soon after, the only godling in the nest. While she got along just fine with Ho-Oh and Entei, she felt Suicune's hesitance, leading to a rift between the two that lingers to this day. 

Currently, Rai has only vague memories of how she died, unable to articulate how exactly it happened. She only remembers dying to protect Entei and Suicune, leaving her standing in the shadow of her previous incarnation. Recently, she and Suicune have managed to get closer, mostly due to Entei's mediating skills. The trio occasionally go on vacations to the mortal worlds, where she disguises herself as a Jolteon.
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